Maria Varmazis

How a breached vendor impacts your organization's security - this week's Whiteboard Wednesday

Blog Post created by Maria Varmazis Employee on Feb 25, 2015

The traditional concept of the security perimeter is long-outdated, and as recent headline-grabbing data breaches have shown, we must also monitor to the corporate supply chain as a source of potential security issues down the road. And as business systems become increasingly interconnected, the risks can grow as well.


In this week's Whiteboard Wednesday, Security Engineer Justin Pagano digs a little deeper into this issue and details:


  • How a vendor in your supply chain could (inadvertently) introduce risk to your organization
  • Methods an attacker can use to pivot from the vendor to get directly to you
  • Steps you can take to reduce your risk -- or at the very least, be more aware of your risk exposure


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~ @mvarmazis, Community Manager