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I’m very excited today to join the Rapid7 family. The acquisition is good news for Logentries customers, Rapid7 customers and all of our employees.  It means that great minds and innovative technology have come together to solve some of our thorniest IT and security challenges.


The Logentries team has been on a mission over the last few years -- Revealing the Power of Log Data to the World. While pursuing our mission, I am often asked why log data has become so valuable. The answer is simple: look at the world around us. Cloud computing has emerged as a disruptive force, mobile and internet connected devices are increasing exponentially, and IT systems are widely distributed and increasingly siloed.


These trends have changed the nature of what it means to build, deploy, manage and secure the systems we all rely on for our daily lives. And when systems are breached, or closer investigation into potential issues is warranted, it’s the log data that is often the source of truth.


Rapid7 is dedicated to solving the security data and analytics challenge; Logentries is dedicated to solving the machine data search and analytics challenge. Uniting to form one team—uniquely positioned to offer the broadest and deepest solutions for searching and analyzing IT and security data—is the next logical iteration.


It is in this spirit that I look forward to working as a member of the Rapid7 team. Together we will embrace the data challenge, and help our customers and partners better understand, manage and protect their IT infrastructure.


Rapid7 is committed to continuing the development of our products.  The company has a strong reputation for effectively partnering with its customers, delivering continuous innovation and creating solutions with impact.  Sounds a lot like Logentries!


You can learn more about the acquisition from the press release, this blog from Rapid7’s CEO, Corey Thomas, or by joining our conference call today at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The call will be accessible by telephone at 888-223-4580 (domestic) or 303-223-2683 (international). A webcast replay will be available at until October 16, 2015.


Andrew Burton
CEO, Logentries

Those that follow Rapid7 will know that we talk a great deal about our vision of delivering security data and analytics to our customers to enable an active, analytics-driven approach to cyber security. I’m excited to let you know that today we’re making an important addition to the Rapid7 family that will help us advance this vision even further… we are acquiring the world-class, cloud-based log management and search technology company, Logentries.


Organizations need real mastery of the information in their IT environment so they can better understand and respond to risk. Being able to easily search machine data and logs is a key means of doing this, enabling security pros to dig deeper for a better view of their security posture and to perform detailed investigations and forensics on security incidents.


It’s a great complement to our current capabilities for incident investigation, including our ability to tie events back to the specific users and assets involved, in a matter of minutes, and to seamlessly build an incident timeline.  Today, our customers tell us that with our UserInsight solution, they can complete an investigation which previously required two days in only minutes.  We plan to bring that kind of power to our customers with our new search capabilities as well.  We are committed to helping you solve problems quickly so you can focus on what matters – making your organization more secure.


Logentries’ technology enhances our data collection by providing our customers with really fast, scalable search, so you can find the answers you need more quickly and efficiently.


Of course, when acquiring a company, great technology is only part of the picture -- even more important are all the people who make the company great.  Corporate culture is very important to Rapid7; we strongly believe one of the measures for success in a move like this is making sure the cultures mesh, and mesh well. At the core of our corporate culture is a strong commitment to putting customers first, and a dedication to driving innovation. We were impressed and excited to find that Logentries shares these core values.


Another significant area of alignment in our approach is our mutual commitment to supporting a community of free users, and enabling customers to try the technology before they buy.  This has been a core tenet for Rapid7 for years, and underpins our support of the Metasploit Framework, as well as free versions and trials of Nexpose and AppSpider. Similarly, Logentries has a vast community of 50,000 for its free version, which you can try here.


We believe that through these many areas of alignment we will continue to build something truly great. I am so excited to welcome the Logentries team to our family, and I am looking forward to tackling new customer challenges together in the future.


Please join me in extending a very warm welcome to our new team members in Boston, MA and Dublin, Ireland!


You can learn more about the acquisition from our press release, this blog from Logentries CEO, Andrew Burton, or by joining our conference call today at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The call will be accessible by telephone at 888-223-4580 (domestic) or 303-223-2683 (international). A webcast replay will be available at until October 16, 2015.


Corey Thomas

President & CEO, Rapid7

cisco live san diego.png

I was pretty excited when Cisco came to Rapid7 last year and offered for us to be one of their launch partners for their Identity Services Engine (ISE) Ecosystem. Flash forward one year, and the public unveiling of Rapid7 joining the ISE partner ecosystem was announced earlier this week at Cisco Live in San Diego, California.


comic con 1.jpgIf you are not familiar with Cisco Live, it’s a massive conference that attracts more than 26,000 attendees who fly into beautiful San Diego to network, learn and potentially drink too much during evening activities. While the attendees are arguably less interestingly dressed than the 130,000 Comic Con International attendees which takes place in the same venue, the content at Cisco Live is top notch and is focused on advancing the state of IT, communications and security.



Why is this partnership with Cisco such a big deal, might you ask?


By integrating Rapid7 Nexpose and UserInsight with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) using the Cisco pxGrid security integration framework, we can provide our customers with extremely fast assessments and mitigation of vulnerabilities while reducing incident detection blind spots from the endpoint to the cloud.

Through this partnership we are allowing security pros to comprehensively view their entire network, its users’ behavior, rich context of user interaction with assets, associated vulnerabilities with the added benefit of being able to deploy easy and effective quarantine measures.


All of this is in addition to the long-standing partnership and integration capabilities we have had in place with the SourceFire team at Cisco.

Cisco made the announcement earlier this week on their blog, see their post below: -and-control-with-cisco-identity-services-engine


Now, let’s dive in a bit more on the benefits of integrating Nexpose and UserInsight integrate with ISE & pxGrid.



Nexpose brings real-time vulnerability assessment and mitigation to ISE environments

Nexpose enables better threat exposure management with unified analysis of vulnerabilities, controls, and configurations, and determines compliance with security best practices and external regulations, such as PCI and HIPAA. With Nexpose’s powerful analytics, customers can quickly identify impactful steps that they can take to address vulnerabilities and reduce security risks in their environments. Integration with Cisco’s ISE enables security professionals to go a step further to block or quarantine assets if deemed too risky. Users can then remediate vulnerabilities to lower the organization’s risk score, removing barriers to the network, and mitigate security exposures with a rapid understanding of their risk posture.


Nexpose will also work with ISE to enable faster assessment and policy-based mitigation of endpoint security risks. This includes the ability to perform the following functions:


  • Real-time vulnerability assessment. The integrated solution will invoke real-time discovery and assessment of devices as they connect to the network, including transient ones. ISE can detect a device when it connects to the network, triggering Nexpose to scan the device. Customers will have an accurate, real-time picture of the risks associated with the devices connected to their networks.

  • Reduce the gap between detection and mitigation of risks. ISE can act on information received from Nexpose to improve compliance by protecting endpoints, initiating external remediation processes, and limiting network access of devices that present a high security risk to the network.


UserInsight allows ISE users to detect and investigate attacks faster

UserInsight is an intruder analytics solution that provides visibility into intruder behavior across an entire ecosystem, from the endpoint to the cloud. UserInsight monitors endpoints, networks, cloud services, and mobile devices, setting traps for intruders, detecting attacks, and enabling faster investigation to mitigate the risks presented by compromised accounts.


By building a baseline understanding of a user’s behavior, UserInsight identifies changes that indicate suspicious activity and helps security professionals detect an attack. Once suspicious behavior is detected, security teams and incident responders can quickly investigate, leveraging UserInsight’s ability to link users, assets and actions, build incident timelines, and determine the magnitude and impact of the attack.


UserInsight will work with ISE to reduce incident detection blind spots and add context to user activity to improve security from the endpoint to the cloud. This includes the ability to perform the following functions:


  • Fast detection and investigations. UserInsight allows ISE users to detect and investigate security incidents faster by identifying intruders that use stealthy attack methods, such as stolen credentials and lateral movement.


  • Reduce blind spots and add activity context. UserInsight works with ISE to map IP addresses assigned through network access control to end users, reducing incident detection blind spots, which is especially important for machines that have been quarantined.


We’re excited about this partnership and would be happy to discuss it with you in detail if you have any questions or want to learn more – feel free to leave a comment here or get in touch with me by email.


Related: What is User Behavior Analytics?

Originally posted May 4, 2015


I'm pleased to announce that NT OBJECTives (NTO) -- the technology leader in Web Application Scanning and Dynamic Application Security Testing -- has joined the Rapid7 family.  This is an exciting day for both Rapid7 and NT Objectives to combine with an increased focus to help companies protect themselves from increasing threats facing web applications.  Protecting web applications has never been more important.  The 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report highlights that web application attacks remain the most frequent incident pattern in confirmed breaches and accounted for up to 35% of breaches in some industries. It's also estimated that nearly 50% of those incidents take months or longer to discover.  While our solutions for threat exposure management already offer capabilities for web application scanning, we believe that there is a great opportunity to enhance our capabilities and delve further into Web and Mobile Application Security testing.


As we looked at the opportunities in the Dynamic Application Security Testing market, we realized that NTO was a great fit for Rapid7 in terms of both technology and culture.  We're very pleased that the NTO team -- including co-founder and co-CEO Dan Kuykendall -- will be joining Rapid7 to continue their mission of helping enterprises to secure their applications.


As of today we have launched the NTO products under a new Rapid7 name, AppSpider.  AppSpider analyzes web applications for security vulnerabilities and enhances organizations' ability to effectively reduce IT security risk.  You can head over to the new page on, but I wanted to highlight a few things that really sold me on this solution:

  •      Universal Translator: The solution's unique 'Universal Translator' technology enables security teams to analyze even the most complex applications, including rich Internet applications (AJAX, GWT) and web services (REST, JSON), to provide greater visibility of risks. This results in more complete and comprehensive coverage of applications.
  •      Live Vulnerability Reports and Attack Replay: Rapid7 deeply believes that demonstrating the how to exploit a vulnerability is a powerful way of choosing what to prioritize -- this is the cornerstone of our unique integration between Metasploit and Nexpose.  AppSpider provides interactive actionable reports with great organization and links for deeper analysis. Within reports, users can replay vulnerabilities in real-time to confirm vulnerabilities are exploitable and then remediated -- it's an experience with some of the same power as Metasploit.
  •      Integration with Protection Technologies:  Responding rapidly to protect a vulnerable application is one of the keys to helping to address the concerning realities that I mentioned from the Verizon report.  AppSpider will automatically generate Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules that help to protect vulnerable applications while the vulnerabilities are being remediated.  AppSpider supports most leading WAFs and IPS's including F5, Sourcefire and Imperva.


There's a lot more to discover about the newest member of the Rapid7 family and we'll be talking about this a lot more and going in-depth at our upcoming UNITED conference. So if you're attending UNITED in June, you'll have a chance to see AppSpider in person and hands-on, as well as meet Dan Kuykendall and say hello.


We believe that adding this technology to Rapid7's Threat Exposure Management Solution will provide information security and developer operations teams with increased ability to assess risk in assets and applications in their environments. Combined with Rapid7's security analytics, this will enable security professionals to identify impactful actions for reducing IT security risk.

-    @leeweiner

It is that time of year again, when 1000s of security professionals and hackers flock to one of the hottest places on the planet. Like many of you, I've been making this trek for over a decade. There is no better place to keep in touch with your friends and colleagues in the security industry, hear about the latest research and enjoy a beer on a vendor's bar tab. But above all else, Hacker Summer Camp is one of the best opportunities for those looking to break into the security industry or find a better job - at a better company.


If you are interested in exploring opportunities at Rapid7, this year we are focusing on making it easier for you to find us at BSides Las Vegas, Black Hat, and DEF CON. Below you will find a day by day schedule of where some key contacts will be located who are interested in speaking with you about a career at Rapid7. Below that are some links to jobs that you might be interested. Explore both and apply NOW if you are interested, but still try and introduce yourself at one of the conferences next week.


NOTE: Please bookmark this page as the we'll update the schedule below as things change or more opportunities to meet with us develop.


Tuesday, August 5th

  • BSides LV: During this entire day / night, Nicholas Percoco (@c7five) will be available to speak about opportunities. Contact him via LinkedIn or Twitter.


Wednesday, August 6th

  • Black Hat USA: Visit the Rapid7 team at our our booth. Ask for someone who works on the teams of the roles described below and introduce yourself. Reference this blog post and the specific job you are interested in. Register to attend our party on this night at XS Nightclub.


Thursday, August 7th

  • Black Hat USA: Visit the Rapid7 team at our our booth. Ask for someone who works on the teams of the roles described below and introduce yourself. Reference this blog post and the specific job you are interested in.


Friday, August 8th

  • DEF CON 22: This year Rapid7 is selling t-shirts to benefit the EFF. Our table will be in the Vendor Area. There will be folks from Rapid7 to meet all day, but be sure to ask for the following people during these times:


Saturday, August 9th

  • DEF CON 22: Again, we'll be in the Vendor Area. Here are some team members you might be interested in meeting:


Saturday, August 9th

  • DEF CON 22: Yes, we'll be in the Vendor Area. Come meet these team members and introduce yourself:
    • 01:30pm - 03:30pm - Jay Radcliffe (Senior Security Consultant and Researcher)
    • 03:30pm - 05:30pm - Nicholas Percoco (Vice President, Strategic Services)


The Jobs!


We are looking to hire for the following position, if you are interested please don't hesitate to apply now so we can begin the process with you.

  • Strategic Services Program Development Consultant (US) t-consultant/job

Today I am announcing that I have joined the Rapid7 team as Vice President of Strategic Services. This is a brand new position leading a brand new team within the company. I’ll be located in Chicago building a global practice to provide Rapid7’s clients with a new and unique set of services to enable their security executives and teams to make strategic decisions to dramatically improve the ways they solve the problems they face today and will face in the future.


I made the decision to join Rapid7 after meeting and having great discussions with the team that Corey Thomas has built. I met people who were passionate about helping their customers, who are excited about the company, and energized by the opportunity they had to drive the security market in a direction that we all want to see it go – one that is focused on building sets of solutions and services that will provide trustworthy and actionable information to the people who need it most.


To me, the most important aspects of a job are the culture and people that support it. Trey Ford ( treyford) introduced me to the Rapid7 team just a few weeks ago. He raved to me about how incredible the people were and how exited he was at being part of the team. After several phone calls and a trip to Boston, I realized that he wasn’t exaggerating. I met a team that was completely aligned in their goals and mission while extremely conscious of ensuring that the individuals on their teams enjoyed the work they do and the environment in which they work.


I am also very passionate about security community involvement. From Rapid7’s support of community events, such as the Security BSides events, to the development of Metasploit, to their efforts working to preserve security research, I am excited to be joining an organization that sees community support as a vital part of their success, not just an add-on effort.


Now comes my recruiting pitch: If you are interested in working with me and getting in on the ground floor of something very unique and exciting, please reach out. My team will be made of people who can wear multiple hats, are passionate about security, and enjoy inventing solutions to complex problems. We’ll be advising clients on strategic direction, helping them with technical issues, and also incubating solutions for Rapid7’s early adopter clients that will solve problems where no solutions exist in the security marketplace today.


The last several months I have been on a journey to understand what truly drives my interests and passion. Today, I am excited to be able to call Rapid7 home.



This week, we proudly announced that Frost & Sullivan has presented Rapid7 with the Global Vulnerability Management Market Penetration Leadership award.


So what does that mean, exactly? In a nutshell: We’re growing really fast. Faster than anyone else in this space, in fact.


“Rapid7 is renowned for its reputation in vulnerability management, which is an integral part of any security program,” said Chris Kissel, Frost & Sullivan industry analyst, in the report.  “Because Rapid7 has made significant investments to ensure that its offerings reflect the dynamics of the industry, including the increase of mobility and cloud-based assets and application in networks, the company’s growth continues to exceed that of the total vulnerability management market.”


Frost & Sullivan determined that Rapid7’s revenue growth rate from 2011 through 2013 was the fastest in the vulnerability management space, and identified key performance drivers that directly influenced our recent growth and continue to have a positive impact on our future. Check out the press release for more.