NeXpose Release August 16, 2010 (Product)

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This release is a product update.


  • Content updates include new checks for vulnerabilities, patch verification, and compliance with security policies.
  • Product updates include performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features.


Support for FIPS-compliant encryption algorithms and protocols

  • The product now supports the use of Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 encryption algorithms and protocols required by government agencies and companies that have adopted FIPS guidelines. When running in "FIPS mode," the security console communicates with Web browsers and API clients using FIPS-compliant protocols. Instructions for configuring FIPS mode appear in the Administrator's Guide, which you can download from the Support page in Help.


Support for offline activation and updates

  • It is now possible to activate and update the product without connecting the security console to the Internet. This supports business environments with security policies that do not permit sensitive assets to be exposed to the Internet. Instructions for performing offline updates appear in the Administrator's Guide, which you can download from the Support page in Help.


Vulnerability checking improvement

  • The unix-suid-writable vulnerability check no longer traverses mounted drives, which means that the check logic avoids inspection of all files on mounted drives. Excluding these unnecessary files from vulnerability checks improves scan performance.


Scan and display bug fixes

  • Two bug corrections ensure proper scan coverage and asset display for certain platforms.
              o One correction makes user groups associated with scanned UNIX assets visible in scan result tables in the security console Web interface.
              o Another correction ensures that certain UNIX checks run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, and Mac OS X server platforms.

Code samples in API documentation

  • The API guides now include code samples for calling several API functions in Ruby. Samples make it easier to understand how to use the API to integrate product features into your own infrastructure. You can download API documents from the Support page in Help.