NeXpose Customizing Reports

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Customizing a report template with your own logo

By default, a NeXpose report cover page includes a generic title, the name of the report, the date of the scan that provided the data for the report, and the date that the report was generated. It also may include the Rapid7 logo or no logo at all, depending on the report template. See Cover Page. You can easily customize a cover page to include your own title and logo.


NOTE: NeXpose supports GIF and JPEG logo formats.


If you want to display your own logo on the cover page, copy the logo file to the designated directory of your NeXpose installation:


In Windows, the directory is C:\Program Files\rapid7\nexpose\shared\reportImages.


In Linux, the directory is /opt/rapid7/nexpose/shared/reportImages.


When you are creating or editing a custom report template in the Report Template Configuration wizard, go to the Report Sections page.


If the cover page section is not listed, click Select sections...


In the Select Sections dialog box, select the the Cover page check box and click Save.




On the Report Sections page, click the Edit icon for Cover page.


NeXpose displays a dialog box for selecting cover page elements. Select the check box for each element that you want to include on the cover page.




If you want to display your own logo on the cover page, enter the name of the logo file, preceded by the word "image:", in the text box labeled Logo image name. Example: image:file_name.jpg. Do not insert a space between the word "image:" and the file name.


If you want to customize the report title, enter a title in the appropriate text box.

Click Save.