NeXpose Release November 22, 2010

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Rapid72010-11-22 content and product updates
   Pre-release announcement


This Rapid7® NeXpose® 4.9.5 release features modified vulnerability definitions; report improvements for PCI DSS Version 1.2; bug fixes; and expanded documentation.


These release notes document what's new in the next NeXpose release. Your NeXpose installation will automatically download and install content updates. If you have enabled NeXpose to install product updates, it will do so as well. See the third FAQ.


Modified vulnerability definitions | content

  • Modifications to vulnerability definitions make them consistent with PCI DSS Version 1.2 reports.

Report improvements for PCI DSS Version 1.2 | product

  • The product calculates all severity ratings according to PCI DSS Version 1.2 specifications, so that Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs) can be confident of the accuracy of these ratings.
  • The PCI Executive Summary and Vulnerability Details reports now include more detailed application information about scanned Web sites that are vulnerable to cross-site scripting and SQL injection, making reports more informative about these high-risk security issues.
  • The PCI Executive Summary and Vulnerability Details reports are now more comprehensive, providing information on running services discovered during scans.
  • The PCI Executive Summary report now provides a consolidated remediation plan for each scan target, eliminating redundancies and making reports easier to read.
  • PCI reports now include an exception note for denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerabilities indicating that they are marked as compliant, as dictated by PCI DSS Version 1.2 standards.

Vulnerability exclusion bug fix | product

  • When you mark for exclusion a specific instance of a vulnerability that has been flagged multiple times on a given asset, the product only applies the exception to that asset, correcting an issue that previously affected other assets with the same vulnerability.

Expanded documentation for removing and reinstalling NeXpose | product

  • The NeXpose Software Installation and Quick-start Guide now includes an additional step in the process for removing NeXpose to help make reinstallation work more smoothly. You can download the guide on the Support page of Help.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • How will I know NeXpose has updated with this specific release?
    All updates are listed in NeXpose under the News tab.
  • Why doesn’t the most recent date on the News page match the dates of the current updates on the Administration page?
    You may occasionally notice that the most recent date on the News page does not match the dates of the current updates listed on the general Administration page for the NeXpose Security Console. The dates on the News page are official release dates. The dates on the console Administration page indicate when updates were actually applied to your NeXpose installation.
  • What are content updates, and what are product updates?
    Content updates include new checks for vulnerabilities, patch verification, and compliance with security policies. Product updates include performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features in NeXpose.
  • Why are installers not updated with every release?
    To help you stay on top of an ever-growing number of security threats, Rapid7 makes the delivery of new security content timely and convenient.  After installation and first-time start-up, NeXpose continues to update itself dynamically. This makes it unnecessary for Rapid7 to update installers  as frequently as we release new security content. So, you don't have to download installers every time new content is available.
  • Does this dynamic self-updating cause NeXpose to restart?
    Yes. You may notice NeXpose taking longer to start up the first time after installation. You may also notice it restarting more than once as it completes a required sequence of updates.
  • Whom should I contact for more information about this release?
    Contact our Technical Support Team at
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