NeXpose Release January 31, 2011

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Rapid72011-01-31 product update
   Pre-release announcement


This Rapid7® NeXpose® 4.10.2 release features PCI report enhancements.


These release notes document what's new in the next NeXpose release. Your NeXpose installation will automatically download and install content updates. If you have enabled NeXpose to install product updates, it will do so as well. See the third FAQ.


New PCI Host Details report | product

  • Supplementing the three standard PCI report templates, the new PCI Host Detail report template provides detailed, sorted scan information about each asset covered in a PCI scan. This perspective allows a scanned merchant to consume, understand, and address all the PCI-related issues on an asset-by-asset basis.                

Evidence column in PCI Vulnerability Details report | product

  • The PCI Vulnerability Details report includes an Evidence column that lists proof for each detected vulnerability, providing the ASV with greater validation and confidence in scan results.

Auto-populating of PCI report fields | product

  • The PCI Executive Summary report includes auto-populated special notes for discovered instances of directory browsing and remote access software, making this report more thorough in coverage of security issues.            
  • NeXpose now auto-populates the PCI Attestation of Compliance with ASV-specific contact information, eliminating the need for an ASV to manually enter this information. Additionally, NeXpose auto-populates the PCI Executive Summary, the PCI Vulnerability Details, and the PCI Host Details reports with the ASV's name.
  • The Exceptions, False Positives, or Compensating Controls field in the PCI Executive Summary report is now auto-populated with the user name of the individual who excluded a given vulnerability.                     

    Sectioning of PCI report templates | product

    • PCI report templates are now divided into individual sections in the manner of other NeXpose templates. This improvement enables hypertext linking from the table of contents to referenced sections in the PCI Vulnerability Details and Host Details reports in PDF and HTML output formats. Another benefit of the sectioning is that you can create custom report templates from the sections that make up PCI templates.

      NOTE: Due to PCI Council formatting restrictions, PCI report sections are numbered independently of non-PCI report sections. Therefore, a customized report that mixes PCI report sections with non-PCI report sections may have section numbers that appear out of sequence.

    Report look-and-feel enhancements | product

    • Vulnerabilities in the PCI Vulnerability Details report are grouped by severity level and then sorted by CVSS scores for better prioritization.
    • Special notes are consolidated into a single section in the PCI Executive Summary report, making it easier to locate these notes.
    • Improvements to font consistency and layout make PCI reports more visually accessible.

    Logo customization for PCI reports | product

    • ASVs can customize PCI reports with their company logos or other graphics for more branding options.

    Revised ASV Guide | product

    • The revised ASV Guide contains detailed information about all improvements and known issues with these PCI reports. It also provides instructions for configuring report creation for maximum benefits. You can request the guide from Rapid7 Technical Support.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    • How will I know NeXpose has updated with this specific release?
      All updates are listed in NeXpose under the News tab.
    • Why doesn’t the most recent date on the News page match the dates of the current updates on the Administration page?
      You may occasionally notice that the most recent date on the News page does not match the dates of the current updates listed on the NeXpose Security Console administration page. The dates on the News page are official release dates. The dates on the console page indicate when updates were actually applied to your NeXpose installation.
    • What are content updates, and what are product updates?
      Content updates include new checks for vulnerabilities, patch verification, and compliance with security policies. Product updates include performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features in NeXpose.
    • What are content updates, and what are product updates?
      Content updates include new checks for vulnerabilities, patch verification, and compliance with security policies. Product updates include performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features in NeXpose.
    • Why are installers not updated with every release?
      To help you stay on top of an ever-growing number of security threats, Rapid7 makes the delivery of new security content timely and convenient.  After installation and first-time start-up, NeXpose continues to update itself dynamically. This makes it unnecessary for Rapid7 to update installers  as frequently as we release new security content. So, you don't have to download installers every time new content is available.
    • Does this dynamic self-updating cause NeXpose to restart?
      Yes. You may notice NeXpose taking longer to start up the first time after installation. You may also notice it restarting more than once as it completes a required sequence of updates.
    • Where can I get more information about this release?
      Interact with the Rapid7 Community by joining our e-mail list, registering on the Wiki, and joining us on the Rapid7 IRC Channel. For more information, go to
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