PCI DSS V3 - Compliance Dashboard

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Please feel free to use this “compliance dashboard” spreadsheet to sustain your PCI compliance journey. It encompasses:



  • Integrate new Priority Approach V3
  • Corrections of glitches, priority levels, discard the NA requirements in the imputation of total number of requirements associated to a priority (NEW)
  • Guidance text aligned on V3 (NEW)
  • Glossary aligned on V3 (NEW)
  • Link to PCI Boutique (Templates ready to use and easily adaptable for PCI policies, procedures, forms and logbooks) (NEW)
  • New Merchant types (AE and PE2P)
  • Associated requirements SAQ-AE (NEW)
  • Associated requirements SAQ PE2P (NEW)
  • Priority Compliance Board (NEW) - P1 to P6 progress rating
  • Priority Compliance Chart (NEW) - P1 to P6 Progress chart
  • List of NA requirements + rationals (NEW)
  • Selected Merchants Type displayed on requirement sheets (NEW)
  • Integrated Testing procedures Roc V3
  • Alignment SAQ's V3
  • Integrated new merchant types B-IP and Service Providers
  • Major observation Verizon PCI Compliance Report 2014
  • New Severity rating
  • New possible answers (Not tested and Not applicable) (NEW)
  • Update Executive Summary (calculation, % compliance, Severity, max severity,...) (NEW)
  • Update Compliance Charts (NEW)
  • Easy navigation through each sections (Go to previous, go to next,...) (NEW)
  • A table of content and navigation links
  • "Scope" sheet allowing you to define the Card Data Environment (CDE)
  • An Executive summary showing your progress on your PCI compliance journey based on the selected merchant type
  • Possibility to hide/unhide non applicable requirements associated to the selected Merchant Type.
  • Graphs (Compliance % and Severity Level per requirements
  • Documentation sheet - Required/optional technical/ non-technical documentation and associated PCI DSS requirements + documentation inventory
  • All PCI DSS requirements grouped by section
  • Guidance associated to each requirements
  • The PCI Glossary
  • The participants list (NEW Renamed to "PCI Team")
  • The list of merchant types
  • The compensating controls documentation sheet
  • The Validation Instructions for QSA/ISA for each requirement
  • Indication of "relevance" by merchant types (A, B, C, C-VT, D). "1" indicates that the requirement is relevant.
  • Priority level or milestones from the “prioritized approach” (1-6)
  • A column "In Place" (Yes/No/Compensating control Present)
  • A column severity equals to the PCIco priority level for not in place requirements
  • A column "Stage of implementation (if not in place)"
  • A column "Estimated date for completion"
  • A column "Proofs/Documentation/Comment"
  • A column "Remediation plan" (what must be done)
  • A Column "Owner" (The individualor department in charge)
  • A Column "SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls" matching subcontrols for each PCI requirement wherever possible.
  • A Sheet " SANS-PCI" Listing all SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls and Sub-controls together with  PCI requirements partially or fully matching the sub-controls. Also % of match for each SANS Controls.
  • Links to the PCI 30 seconds newsletters (UPDATED)
  • Update Scope sheet with Criticality, Patch level, Scan date and Scan report location
  • Add a sheet "PCI Crypto Key list" to list all keys used within the scope: KeyId, Purpose, Key custodians, status.
  • Add sheet Vulnerability scans (When, By who, results)
  • Add sheet Penetration Tests (When, By who, results)
  • Add sheet training & knowledge evidences


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