Metasploit Pro 4.1.4 Update 20120124000003

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This weekly update brings a total of 9 new modules, including modudes to exampine NAT-PMP devices, bruteforce VMware authd (via the individual modules tab), and new exploits for HP Easy Printer Care, Openview, IGSS9 and Gitorius. Additionally, a windows post module for downloading files is included.



Module Changes



Resolved Bugs & Changes

  • Issue #6259 : Resolved exploit/windows/oracle/tns_auth_sesskey EOFError.
  • Issue #6256 : Resolved a setup error with ftp_login.
  • Issue #6266 : Discover now handles case where excluded_ips == included_ips.
  • Issue #6262 : Discovery (udp) scan now respects scan exemptions.
  • Issue #6261 : SMB bruteforce now checks for anonymous access (resolves invalid cracked credentials).
  • Issue #6251 : Activation process propagates license key to the proper field.
  • Issue #6075 : EXEs generated by Campaigns are now signed.



How to Upgrade

Metasploit Pro is upgraded using the Administration menu and choosing the option Software Upgrade. To see how to upgrade your Metasploit installation, view this video in the Rapid7 Community.



Version Information

PRO 4.1.4 20120117000001 revision e85496e417da8e6ef9fb24cf123b5a11af2090fd updates to 20120124000001 revision 7417aa694e8bbe5b3658db71b62185c1bba63838

MSF3 4.1.4 20120117000001 revision 396471b81a2a62e84a3b3e44bcb188c45048fdb0 updates to 20120124000001 revision 7ec5f9848093d2d16fd8422c40b01ec50ec4d59f