Metasploit Pro 4.1.4 Update 20120213000003

Document created by jcran on Feb 15, 2012
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This weekly update will be our last before the 4.2 release. Included, you'll find 7 new modules, including modules to test Adobe Flash, Icona SpA ActiveX, Citrix Provisioning Services and Sunway Forcecontrol SNMP. Additionally post modules for gathering credentials from Samba, fetchmail, and netrc are included



New Modules



Resolved Bugs & Changes

  • Issue #6344 : Removed double call to stdapi_net_config_get_interfaces when using "ipconfig".
  • Issue #6340 : VMWare HTTP Scanning no longer false positives under certain conditions.
  • Issue #6367 : Web app report now contains vulnerability information.
  • Issue #6347 : VMWare Web Services now scanned as part of bruteforce.
  • Issue #6341 : HTTP scanning during Discovery reports more accurate data on HTTP services].
  • Issue #6330 : Qualys Asset XML imports only imports all CVEs.
  • Issue #6211 : Pubkeys and privkeys are now related credentials.
  • Issue #5969 : Resolved nmap errors on Linux 64-bit systems with linker error.


Version Information

PRO 4.1.4 20120131000001 revision d175997e660a00cf78e6394e58d604535975bdf9 updates to 20120213000001 revision 53e36c25c398c4d81c7bb498eda117a1ace485dd

MSF3 4.1.4 20120131000001 revision ba50f84229acf3713cffe2167169ca0f4fb9c6c1 updates to 20120213000001 revision 7129ec8e3a4b7d0e881910303ffd03bc0d22bb93