Metasploit 4.3.0 Release Notes

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Metasploit 4.3 features 33 new exploits, 20 new auxiliary modules, 11 new post-exploitation modules, 4 new payloads, updated dependencies, and a couple new features for Metasploit Pro.


Metasploit 4.3 ships with Ruby 1.9.3-p124, Rails 3.2.2, Java SE 7u3, and PostgreSQL 9.1.


The new features in Metasploit Pro are task chains and report e-mails. Task chains automate the execution of tasks and enable you to define a schedule for the tasks to follow. The new e-mail option for the reports tasks provide the ability to automatically send a copy of a report to a list of e-mail addresses after Metasploit Pro generates it.


Notable new modules that have been added since Metasploit 4.2 include SCADA modules, Java exploit, Squid proxy pivoting module, RDP exploit, Flash exploit, and many more.


New Modules



Known Issues


  • Metasploit 4.3 does not support Ruby version 1.9.1. Please use Ruby 1.9.3p125 or the latest patch level of 1.8.7.
  • You must perform an update through the Metasploit Web UI. If you do an SVN update without updating through the Web UI, you will not be able to connect to the database.


How to Upgrade


To upgrade Metasploit Pro, Express or Community, select Administration > Software Updates from the main menu. To see how to upgrade your Metasploit installation,check out this video.


Version Information


PRO 4.2.0 revision 48c45958ebc969e3a86e25397f9484bdfaefe00b updates to 4.3.0 revision 9af0b19d0b35e0d2e9a8c124e4c1aebac01c9dcc

MSF3 4.2.0 revision 48c45958ebc969e3a86e25397f9484bdfaefe00b updates to 4.3.0 revision a1826146ef3e2ea42d9cd245b29a7d128e9cb5f8