Metasploit Pro 4.3.0 Update 2012060601

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This weekly update brings ten new modules, which include exploits for PHP and Java, S40, various PHP applications, Apache Struts, Citrix, and the GIMP. This update also adds the pcAnywhere data protocol module to the regular menu of Bruteforce-able protocols, and resolves ten other outstanding issues.


New Modules


Resolved Bugs & Changes

  • Issue #6749 : "Select All" button for session selection sometimes doesn't.
  • Issue #6937 : Campaign always thinks SMTP user/pass is set and fails to authenticate
  • Issue #6853 : Inaccessible Nexpose host throws stack trace when scan is run
  • Issue #6854 : NilClass error when adding a new non-existent nexpose host
  • Issue #6548 : pro.workspace_add and pro.project_add fail: undefined method `id' for "user":String
  • Issue #6848 : VPN Pivot always uses DHCP even when static IP is specified
  • Issue #6941 : Add 64 bit meterpreter to the list of persistent payloads
  • Issue #6934 : Bruteforce raises exception
  • Issue #3271 : Implement PCAnywhere Bruteforce
  • Issue #6910 : Web App - Vuln View sometimes triggers UTF8 encoding error on view
  • Issue #6732 : Deleting first item destroys task chain state


How to Upgrade


Metasploit Pro is upgraded using the Administration menu and choosing the option Software Upgrade. To see how to upgrade your Metasploit installation, view this video in the Rapid7 Community.


Known Issues


After you update Metasploit Pro, the menu and update page may not display correctly. To resolve this issue, you must clear your browser's cache for user interface to load correctly.  

Version Information


PRO 4.3.0 2012053002 updates to 2012060601

MSF3 4.3.0 2012052303 updates to 2012060601