Vulnerability Count Comparison

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Let's face it, when it comes to reports, less is more, and more visibility into your vulnerability management efforts is exactly what this report template delivers. This report template will become a security managers best friend for keeping a pulse on trends pertaining to the number of vulnerability instances identified in the environment.


This report template provides you with a list of all your vulnerabilities in a selected site(s), asset group(s) or asset(s) and compares the total number of current instances to the number of instances as of 30 days ago. The report template also provides you with a +/- difference from one time period to the other and is sorted descending by the absolute value of the difference, placing large differences, in either direction, at the top of the report. What a great way to see the most prolific vulnerabilities in your environment, monitor remediation efforts and identify problem areas at a glance. Additionally, vulnerabilities that are completely remediated are reported as a "Current" count of 0, showing you which vulnerabilities you have eliminated from from your environment within the reporting period.


To get the most from the report template:

  • Schedule the report to run every month. It can be run more frequently but will always compare against 30 days prior to the report date.
  • Run the report against the same site(s), asset group(s) or asset(s) to follow trends over time. To see all instances of vulnerabilities in your environment, include all sites in your report scope.


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