Metasploit 4.6.0 (Update 2013041002)

Version 4



    This updates Metasploit to 4.6.0.


    This update includes several new features and updates, including:


    • Support for OWASP Top 10 2013
    • Revamped user interface
    • More effective website spider
    • Get shells using SQL injection
    • Support for web app authentication
    • Reports with remediation advice
    • Quick penetration testing wizard
    • Web application testing wizard
    • Phishing simulation wizard


    It also includes 6 new modules, including exploits for Linksys E1500/E2500 and Netgear DGN1000B routers and new auxiliary modules for DLink routers and PostgreSQL.


    In addition, this update fixes 2 issues.


    This release also removes both Armitage and msfgui, the two Java-based thick clients, from the Metasploit binary installers. This should help clarify which GUI is actually supported (and supportable) by Rapid7 in an installed environment. It also frees up these projects to develop, test, and release on their own schedules instead of being beholden to Metasploit development schedules to land new features and bug fixes. Over the next couple months, expect to see more shuffling around ofMetasploit's other secondary projects. For example, Meterpreter will be exiting the Metasploit source repository soon, thanks to the valiant untangling efforts by Egypt and Meatballs. Meterpreter, PacketFu, John the Ripper -- these are all stand-alone components that effectively have their own development requirements and their own testing/QA conventions and release schedules, so there's no good reason to try to subject them to Metasploit's dictates.


    Module Changes

    Exploit modules


    Auxiliary and post modules


    Resolved Issues

    • 4202 - Fix issue in Railgun CDECL
    • Scheduled task chains respect start time


    How to Upgrade

    Metasploit Pro is upgraded using the Administration menu and choosing the option Software Upgrade. To see how to upgrade your Metasploit installation, view this video in the Rapid7 Community.


    Version Information

    PRO 4.5.3 updates to 4.6.0-2013041002

    MSF3 4.5.3 updates to 4.6.0-2013041002