SQL Query Export Example: Unauthenticated/Unmanaged Assets

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You may have already seen our Unmanaged/Unauthenticated Assets Report Template

Unauthenticated/Unmanaged Assets


In case you are looking for similar date in exportable format, here's the SQL Query to accomplish this



SELECT dsite."name" as "Site", da.ip_address, da.host_name, dos.description as "OS", os.certainty_max

FROM fact_asset AS fa

   JOIN dim_asset da ON da.asset_id = fa.asset_id

   JOIN (

      SELECT asset_id, MAX(certainty) as certainty_max

      FROM dim_asset_operating_system

      GROUP BY asset_id

   ) os ON fa.asset_id = os.asset_id AND os.certainty_max < 1

JOIN dim_operating_system as dos

ON da.operating_system_id = dos.operating_system_id

JOIN dim_site_asset as dsa

ON fa.asset_id = dsa.asset_id

JOIN dim_site as dsite

ON dsa.site_id = dsite.site_id

GROUP BY dsite."name", da.ip_address, da.host_name,dos.description, os.certainty_max

ORDER BY "Site", da.ip_address

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