SQL Query Example: Recently Published Vulnerabilities

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Depending on how you run your program you may have a need to report on new vulnerabilities, say anything that came out in the last 2 months.  One of the reasons may be that you have an SLA around remediation of new vulnerabilities.  There is a query for that.


Note: you can adjust 2 months to the most appropriate interval for you


SELECT da.host_name AS "Host Name", da.ip_address AS "IP Address", nexpose_id AS "Nexpose ID", title AS "Vulnerability Title", proofAsText(Description) AS Description, fasvi.date AS "Date Discovered", date_published AS "Date Published",

severity_score AS "Severity Score", severity AS "Severity", round(riskscore::numeric, 0) AS "Risk score",

round(cvss_score::numeric, 2) AS "CVSS Score", exploits AS Exploits, malware_kits AS "Malware Kits"

FROM dim_vulnerability

JOIN fact_asset_vulnerability_finding favf USING (vulnerability_id)

JOIN dim_asset da USING (asset_id)

JOIN fact_asset_scan_vulnerability_instance fasvi USING (vulnerability_id)

WHERE now() - date_published < INTERVAL '2 months'

ORDER BY da.ip_address ASC

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