Creating a Rapid7 Community account

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The guidance below will help you create a user account on this site — — so you can post a question or comment on discussions or blogs.


Click "REGISTER" -- you'll find it on the right side of the top menu of this site.

  1. The first step is to confirm your email address -- please enter a valid email address!
  2. Check your email! You should receive a link and token to confirm that your email address is valid.
  3. Complete your registration information, including your name, username, and a strong password.  Choose your username carefully, as it can't be easily changed! (You can modify your profile privacy later to not display your real name if you wish.)
  4. Upon completing your registration information, you'll see a message saying "Your new account is waiting to be confirmed."  For spam prevention reasons, your account will need to be manually approved before you can post. This usually happens within a few hours on standard business days.
  5. You'll receive an email from the Rapid7 Community once your account is confirmed. Post and comment away!


Having trouble creating a new Rapid7 Community account?

  1. Please check your SPAM folders for the email confirmation sent from the Rapid7 Community, and/or please whitelist the domain
  2. Are you using a temporary/disposable email address? Registration confirmation can take hours if not longer. Please use a valid email address that doesn't self-destruct so you can register, and if needed later, to recover your account details.
  3. If all else fails, email community at rapid7 dot com for assistance.


Was your request to register a new account rejected?

We approve almost everyone who applies for a new account on the Rapid7 Community, but spammers are pretty persistent and rather wily and we do reject registrations that looks suspiciously spammy. Using a handle or alias is always completely fine, but keyboard-mashing raises some red flags. So if you use registration information that might look a little spammy, chances are your registration will be rejected on suspicions that you're a spammer. Please try to register again with a non-gibberish name, username and/or email address.


Are you a Rapid7 Partner looking to access the Partner Center?

Please see How to gain access to the Rapid7 Partner Center  for more information.