Metasploit 4.12.0 (Update 2016121901)

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Bugs Fixed


  • PR #7670 - This fix addresses an issue where the updated cursor behavior in and consumes some bytes.
  • PR #7672 - Previously, the Metasploit model supported Metasploit::Model::Login::Status::LOCKED_OUT, but there was no action taken in the LoginScanner API if this status was used. Now, if an account is locked out, the login scanner will stop trying passwords for the current user and move on to the next one.
  • PR #7690 - This fixes an issue where the count of found users in auxiliary/scanner/http/drupal_views_user_enum was inaccurate.
  • PR #7692 - This fix resolves an issue that caused the errorsqlinjection module to fail silently. A print statement has been added to alert a user that something is missing.
  • PR #7702 - This fixes an issue with unsupported Windows versions when running the Meterpreter persistence script. Meterpreter scripts are deprecated in favor of post modules and local exploits.
  • PR #7713 - This fix prevents an exception being thrown if 'msg' from print_error is nil by checking if msg is nil before attempting to work with 'msg'.
  • PR #7715 - This fixes an issue where Rex::Ui::Text::Table was renamed to Rex::Text::Table, but the module post/windows/gather/credentials/mdaemon_cred_collector was not updated.
  • Pro: MS-1383 - The Open Source Vulnerability Database,, stopped providing vulnerability information earlier this year. This icaused all external references to the database via their web interface to no longer work. In the absence of a public trustworthy alternate source, we have removed links to OSVDB references.
  • Pro: MS-2250 - This fix resolves an error that occurs when replaying sessions with reverse payloads where proxies being an empty string would prevent an exploit from continuing.
  • Pro: MS-2279 - An update has been made to support the framework changes to session architecture values.
  • Pro: MS-2294 - A previous fix was implemented to allow SMTP to talk to servers with modern SSL configuration in social engineering campaigns; however, the new configuration did not work on some Exchange environments. This fix will automatically fall back to more widely compatible configurations when it encounters an error sending the SSL handshake.
  • Pro: MS-2298 - This fix addresses an issue that caused output from task logs from getting garbled with ANSI control sequences.
  • Pro: MS-2302 - This fix addresses an issue  with hung reports that caused other Metasploit tasks to not run.
  • Pro: MS-2303 - This fix resolves an issue that caused reports to run for a long period of time. Reports now stop generating after 60 minutes.
  • Pro: MS-2332 - This fix resolves an error that is displayed when you ran the 'pro_user -l' command or you ran the 'pro_task' command from the 'msfpro' command line.


Features and Enhancements

  • PR #7634 - The first "Universal Handler" has been added to the framework. This handler will be able to serve Meterpreter payloads dynamically to a a single reverse HTTP or HTTPS listener. This means that you do not have to use LURI or multiple ports in order to run multiple exploits or payloads against the same listener.
  • PR #7662 - This patch adds a new msfconsole command called handler, allowing users to start up payload handlers with one command, regardless of which module the user's msfconsole is currently working with. This enables users to streamline their workflow by avoiding the usual use+set+run disruption previously required to start up a handler.
  • PR #7665 - A new option called ABORTONLOCKOUT has been added that allows you to immediately abort the module.
  • PR #7681 - This enhancement adds stageless support for Mettle payloads, now supporting sessions on Linux with the following architectures: aarch64, armbe, armle, mips64, mipsbe, mipsle, ppc, ppc64le, x64, x86, and zarch (s390x).
  • PR #7682 - Options for group name and password have been added to the awscreateiam_user module.
  • PR #7685 - The hashcarve module is now available in the framework. You can use it to change a user's password by carving a hash in the Windows registry.
  • PR #7694 - The Mettle Linux payloads now have a stageless variant, which supports running on the following architectures: aarch64, armbe, armle, mips64, mipsbe, mipsle, ppc, ppc64le, x64, x86, and zarch. Now Mettle can run on everything from small routers to large mainframes.
  • PR #7721 - We have improved the messaging that appears when there is an issue with the SMTP server.
  • Pro: MS-1783 - We have added the ability to prevent submitted data from being recorded in phishing campaigns. Instead, only the action of the form being submitted is recorded.


Exploits Added

No new exploits are available in this release.


Offline Update


To download the offline file for this update, go to bin.


Version Information


PRO 4.12.0 updates to 4.12.0-2016121901