Oracle RAC Resource Mastering?

Document created by Soujanya Naganuri on Jul 3, 2017
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Resource affinity allows the resource mastering of the frequently used resources on its local node, it uses dynamic resource mastering to move the location of the resource masters. Normally resource mastering only happens when a instance joins or leaves the RAC environment, as of Oracle 10g R2 mastering occurs at the object level which helps fine-grained object remastering. There are a number of parameters that can be used to dynamically remaster an object

_gc_affinity_timespecifies interval minutes for remastering
_gc_affinity_limitdefines the number of times a instance access the resource before remastering, setting to 0 disable remastering
_gc_affinity_minimumdefines the minimum number of times a instance access the resource before remastering
_lm_file_affinitydisables dynamic remastering for the objects belonging to those files
_lm_dynamic_remasteringenable or disable remastering


You should consult Oracle before changing any of the above parameters.