Oracle RAC and Grid Q&A With The Specialists

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I lately got the possibility to sit down and communicate to two RAC gurus and examine what RAC is and the way it pertains to Oracle's Grid technology. listen to the discussion with Philip Newland and Scott Jesse, both from Oracle Corp. Philip is a technical supervisor with Oracle's RAC % crew and Scott is an Oracle assist offerings supervisor for the RAC guarantee team. Scott is likewise the co-creator of  Oracle Press books, "Oracle9i for windows 2000 recommendations & techniques" and "Oracle Database 10g high Availability with RAC, Flashback & DataGuard".


There have been masses of questions asked and responded. right here are 5 critical questions. listen to the podcast to pay attention the relaxation.


What does Oracle mean by way of Grid?

An Oracle Grid allows you to add computing potential, CPUs or garage, on demand as needed with out pre-buying monolithic hardware. On an Oracle Grid, you can upload potential one reasonably-priced computer at a time.


There is no product for sale referred to as Oracle Grid. You can't just stroll into a store and buy a grid. Oracle Grid is a technology composed of several modern Oracle products.


What components make up an Oracle Grid?


Oracle real software Clusters (RAC) lets in Oracle customers to feature database potential (through including servers) to an existing cluster. RAC allows a database to be spread across a couple of servers. you may dynamically upload and get rid of nodes (servers) as required.


RAC allows an application to transparently scale, add performance and be available 24/7. RAC can be very low-cost to scale as it allows you to feature reasonably-priced servers while you need them.



Oracle automatic garage control (ASM) eases garage control by means of abstracting record systems to where DBAs need them. ASM additionally lets in consolidation of garage in order that applications that want garage have it to be had once they want it.



Oracle Clusterware affords the intelligence for a cluster. A cluster is a sequence of servers appearing as a single entity. Clusterware affords the control and monitoring of a cluster.


Oracle Clusterware isn't always restrained to supplying scalability and high availability for Oracle Databases. With Oracle Clusterware, you could provide these offerings for third-birthday party databases, software servers and pretty a great deal every other sort of application.


Cluster record Gadget

Oracle Cluster report gadget (OCFS & ACFS2) permits an Oracle database cluster to share disk across many servers. OCFS ensures that Oracle sees a steady photo of the disks on each server.


Does RAC paintings with Oracle popular version?

Oracle fashionable edition, the edition of Oracle for the SMB marketplace, comes with a license for a four node RAC cluster. A popular edition license permits up to 4 CPU sockets in a cluster. the ones 4 sockets may be in a unmarried server or in , three or 4 servers. as long as your cluster does no longer exceed four sockets, RAC is blanketed as a part of your widespread edition License.


General version does not restrict the scale of your database in besides so so long as the processing electricity for a four socket configuration suits your wishes, this could be a outstanding manner to shop. if you need to scale to a bigger cluster, preferred version can effortlessly be upgraded to organisation version allowing you as much as one hundred nodes.


Trendy edition RAC configurations are required to use ASM. due to the fact ASM saves time and effort, this isn't definitely a limitation however more of a method for Oracle that will help you make certain your fulfillment.


How do I screen my Grid?

Oracle gives both DB control and Grid manage for tracking and managing your databases. DB manage is an internet based totally device that permits you to manipulate one database at a time. Oracle Grid manage lets in you to manipulate whole grids and is an upload on package. Grid manage can simplify all your grid management tasks.


Can i mix and healthy hardware?

yes. Oracle expects that companies are improving hardware continuously and that clients will need to improve hardware through the years. as opposed to pressure customers to keep a single supplier or configuration, Oracle RAC will work throughout various hardware configurations. whilst one server may be a unmarried CPU and 4GB of RAM, another server inside the equal cluster may be four CPUs (with dual cores) and 16GB of RAM.


The most effective requirement is that the working systems have to match: home windows to home windows, Linux to Linux, 32 bit to 32 bit, and so on.