Exposing Library Services with AngularJS

Document created by Soujanya Naganuri on Aug 11, 2017
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Services provided through a library or similar institution need to be easy to apply by using each person and in any shape. maximum services, but, can best be used within the fixed context of a selected user interface (UI). If a service is also handy thru software programming interface (API), its capability may be integrated and used in other applications, too. alas the want to expose services thru open APIs is less apparent than UIs.

User interfaces are curated and revised by usability studies and person experience (UX) at excellent. In different instances the UI is clearly judged with not unusual experience through everyday library body of workers and control. AngularJS APIs on the other hand, can't really be considered, used, and judged by way of everyone. in contrast to the UI, an API isn't a very last application to utilize a carrier, but the basis for introduction of provider programs: with out APIs, applications are hard to build and services can simplest be supplied in confined shape. with out applications, however, it's far difficult to justify the need for an API.

To give an instance, maximum library systems lack an API to question cutting-edge availability of files held with the aid of the library. so long as records about modern-day availability turned into best displayed in neighborhood library OPACs there has been little motivation to create a public API for this motive. With the need to show availability records in discovery interfaces which includes VuFind, the record Availability data API (DAIA) turned into created at Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund (GBV) (Voß and Reh 2014). A DAIA net provider became created for p.c. LBS, the maximum commonplace nearby library gadget in GBV. however little interest changed into shown via different libraries and gadget providers as long as they did now not require the API for inner use. the overall advantage of an open API is not revealed until exceptional packages by using different parties employ it. this text will exhibit a probable method to increase visibility and use of library APIs with the aid of presenting patron modules that facilitate the introduction of packages with the aid of 1/3 parties. The modules are based on the JavaScript framework AngularJS which is getting an increasing number of popular amongst developers of internet applications.