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The Pen Testers Guide To Metasploit - compatibility issues

Discussion created by Peter Williams on Nov 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by janof

I have been working through the book in an effort to become more acquainted with Metasploit and its framework, but I am constantly running into compatibility issues and information that is just... well... mind blowingly out of date.


For instance, I am currently trying to install Samba on my Ubuntu 9.04 VM and cannot find it in the repository and cannot run any of the daemons. I cannot find any information online that is pertinent since I end up in a rabbit hole of changes, updates and confusion that isnt related to such an old OS.


Has anyone got any advice? Is there a resource which assists with the setting up of vulnerable machines? There is a small paragraph at the back of the book about amending the interfaces file and adding some DHCP info, but as soon as I do that I lose connectivity with the web, and the paragraph is incredibly vague.


Many thanks.