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Absolute path on meterpreter

Question asked by Miky Mike on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by Null Security

Hi all, I am trying to do an automated backdoor exploitation who work on windows 10 installations and everything is good but one thing.

After the execution of the backdoor, i execute a shell and i move the backdoor in System32 folder.

But if the backdoor is located on the Desktop, the path is C:\Users\"The user"\Desktop\backdoor.exe

For the moment, i'm not able to do a script who do this cause i  dont know the username of the target in advance.

I know a thing on windows that is called "absolute path" Like C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Desktop (%USERNAME% is one of these absolute path who dont need the real username to work).

But on the windows shell in meterpreter, i'm not able to use an absolute path like this.

I wanted to know if a trick exist or a alternative ?

Thanks in advance !

(Sorry for bad English)