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Upload Custom Jaspersoft Template into Console?

Question asked by Douglas Wallner on Jun 19, 2017

How to upload a user generated custom template from Jaspersoft into Nexpose console?


I have created a new report template using the recommended tool, Jaspersoft and would like to upload it the Nexpose console. The file is in the correct .jar format, but when uploading I receive an error that the upload file is from an untrusted source. I have not applied anying signing to .jar file. Even if i did  I am uncertain if Nexpose would accept it.


Has anyone successfully done this and can offer guidance on how to do this? I am  looking for more customization that what is available via modifying existing templates and the other custom templates available in the reporting sub space.


I have exported the DB / Data warehouse and could work off of that dataset, but would like this new template available to all users.