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What are different Operator Roles in PEGA ?

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Operator Roles in PEGA

In any venture crew we have different group individuals gambling distinctive roles. There are task manager,enterprise analyst, architects, designers, developers, testers, nice analyst and so on in the group who play distinct function in the crew.

Operator roles

Absolutely everyone who can login into PEGA PRPRC machine is known as Operator. every of the operators has an Operator identification and password and they're connected to an get right of entry to group.

In PEGA PRPC device there are seven pre-defined standard roles. these are following

–paintings users

–work Managers

–commercial enterprise Analyst

–device Architects

–assignment Managers

–gadget administrators

–govt Sponsors

Every role has its very own portal. A business analyst function requires shooting necessities and layout technique and workflow for the application. To perform their position commercial enterprise analyst, they have to go to the commercial enterprise Architect Portal.


A device Architects or application developer want to layout the person interface, enterprise logic, process policies and many others. so they visit dressmaker studio portal to do their work.


An quit user or paintings consumer is one who simply uses the utility. The give up person has their very own Case worker portal where they cross and create paintings items.


A work supervisor is going to the Case manager Portal to approve or reject the works submitted via the paintings customers.

PEGA PRPC device allows us to create extra roles.

extra roles in pega

A way to Create Operator identification In PEGA PRPC ?

Reason Of Operator identification introduction In PEGA:

An Operator id statistics example offers a consumer identifier (id), a password and different records and preferences. This records instance additionally locates a person inside an company structure, and identifies suitable access roles and other traits.

An Operator identification facts instance is sometimes known as a profile. To view your Operator identity example, click on the hyperlink containing your name inside the clothier Studio navigation panel.

Directors can create new Operator identification statistics instances. All users can view, however not adjust, statistics for themselves on the Operator tab. Managers can update statistics on the Operator tab. via the profile show, customers can exchange their own password.


To listing all Operator identity instances to your device,


The facts-Admin-Operator-id elegance incorporates Operator identity information instances. they may be part of the organization category.

Database table

Operator id instances are generally stored within the PegaRULES database as rows of the pr_operators table.


Associated RuleSet

While you save an Operator identification statistics example, if the associated RuleSet is [none], the gadget completes this area with a RuleSet from the cutting-edge software. This affiliation assists with utility packaging. you could replace the related RuleSet the use of the sector inside the upper proper corner of the shape. See figuring out components of rule and facts bureaucracy.

If there is no RuleSet associated with the records instance (for example, for current times not formerly related to a RuleSet)