Metasploitable via Vmware player or virtual box ??

Discussion created by lexhome09 on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by webpwnized

has anyone successfully installed Metasploitable on virtual box player using vdmk ? i understand there are methods for converting the vdmk to vdi but i did that and the program failed to run as well so if im going to troubleshoot a issue id rather troubleshoot the vdmk issue. Also, the metasploitable loads and runs fine on vmware but getting the ip address to coinside with my existing network is not panning out, i dont know if missing something or something is missing but for some reason i can not find where to attach the vm to a specific network interface, the options im coming across for networking only show the means of connection eg. bridging, i just cant find how to tell the vm to initiate bridging to a specific network interface. is the ip hard coded in metasploitable? can someone give me some insite please...