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    Metasploitable via Vmware player or virtual box ??

      has anyone successfully installed Metasploitable on virtual box player using vdmk ? i understand there are methods for converting the vdmk to vdi but i did that and the program failed to run as well so if im going to troubleshoot a issue id rather troubleshoot the vdmk issue. Also, the metasploitable loads and runs fine on vmware but getting the ip address to coinside with my existing network is not panning out, i dont know if missing something or something is missing but for some reason i can not find where to attach the vm to a specific network interface, the options im coming across for networking only show the means of connection eg. bridging, i just cant find how to tell the vm to initiate bridging to a specific network interface. is the ip hard coded in metasploitable? can someone give me some insite please...

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          I run metasploit virtual on an esxi server virtual machine, I installed Ubuntu 11.10 server and gave it plenty of memory and harddrive space, for the network card I used bridged mode, The setup with virtual box should be very simple as-well just attach the ISO to the virtual machine and install the OS, then metasploit. You will also have to configure metasploit to except connections from external sources, once you are done you should be able to connect to the IP address you assigned to your virtual machine. Please note that sometimes on some machines you cant connect to the virtual machine but this is due to running the virtual machine on the same computer that you are trying to access it from, but this is not due to metasploit or ubuntu its due to the network drivers that virtual box or vmware installs even though I only had this problem once, I thought i should let you know.  Below are the minimum requirements for your VM note you should give it enough space try 10-20GB

          Minimum System Requirements

          • 2 GHz+ processor
          • 2 GB RAM available (4 GB recommended)
          • 500MB+ available disk space
          • 10/100 Mbps network interface card
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            I'm using qemu to contvert the metasploitable.vmdk to binary and then VBoxManage to create a .vdi file:


            sudo su

            apt-get install qemu

            cd /home/virtualbox/VMware/

            qemu-img convert metasploitable.vmdk metasploitable.bin

            VBoxManage convertdd metasploitable.bin metasploitable.vdi

            chown virtualbox:virtualbox metasploit.vdi