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Help me get started: Stuck at initialization

Question asked by emilea on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2014 by silverwolfceh

hey all ,

I'm new to metasploit and trying to learn his features but i had a problem and hoping that you help me solve it :

1- first i go to Metasploit >> services >> start services.

2- When i open Metasploit >> Access metasploit Web UI i get redirected to the browser (google chrome or internet explorer ).

3- the link : https://localhost:3790/

4 -It says : metasploit initisalising it may take up to five minutes but it keep initialising i cant enter the Web UI.


I have disabled my firewall and my McAfee and tried again but nothing happens same problem.


This is a ScreenShot of what i get when i open " Access metasploit Web UI" .

no matter how long i wait it will stay in this page.




System :

1-I am running windows 7 home premiun.

2-McAfee for security.


Please any help would be appreciated .

Thanks in advance.