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run exploit/multi/handler from WebUI

Question asked by Anton Maier on Mar 8, 2017

Hey there, I got a small question about running the exploit handler in metasploit.


I am using the WebUI, so if I navigate to




I can run the module and everything works fine.


If I connect to the server via SSH, start msfconsole and run the exploit manually, it works to the point that incoming sessions are showing up in the WebUI, but I cant use most functions. For example Access Filesystem or Command Shell fail to launch. I know that this has to do something about being different instances, although I dont really get how to run commands in the same instance as the WebUI.


This wouldnt bother me if the WebUI would allow to set all options for the module, but in the "Advanced Options" part i cant seem to set options like AutoRunScript or InitialAutoRunScript.


So how can I run the handler in the correct instance that I can use all functions in the webui, while still using options like AutoRunScript?


Thx for any hints!