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Custom Images for Social Engineering

Question asked by schrammbo on Mar 23, 2017

How do you get Metasploit Pro to host and/or serve up images related to your campaign? Metasploit Pro has a built in Web Server and you are serving content so there should be a way to add images rather than pull absolutely everything from a website (especially if that website does not have the image you need) or you are running an internal campaign.


However, I have not had any luck getting any pages or content that I need to reference in custom made content to work with metasploit pro and was wondering if anyone else had found a way to make this work?


So if my metasploit pro server has and I have a custom.jpg image I want to include in an email or page there should be a way to put that on my metasploit server and point it back to or something without installing a separate web server as metasploit is already using NGINX.