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https://localhost:3790/ and ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Question asked by Theo Evangelakos on May 10, 2017

Hello random person scrolling through the rapid7 community forums! I'm known as Theo, Zagorn or as my wonderful teammates call me "Boosted-ass bonobo that should do the world a favor and kill itshelf".Refer to me as you please, I dont mind. Allright now let's get to the point: I'm trying to access Metasploit's web UI ( https://localhost:3790/ ), allthough i'm having trouble becasue of my connection beeing refused ( ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED ). I'd appreciate any help you could possibly provide me with, and  i apologise in advance if this is considered a "noob" question! (I'd also preffer that you reffer to me as a "super top laner" since i sexually identify as a Hanshinshin, I've always dreamt of crushing toplane with awesome KDA's and only the best picks. Thanks you for beeing so understanding)