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Metasploit/Armitage not seeing Windows XP VM

Question asked by Jeff Briggs on May 13, 2017

Digging my way through metasploit using armitage on my pentest lab. I have three VMs (of 15 installed) running 1.metasploitable 2.Windows XP32 SP2 3.CentOS


Nmap scan via Armitage is finding metasploitable and CentoS but not the Windows XP machine (which is kinda funny actually).


However when I run Zenmap separately, it finds that machine.


All VMs are in the same network.


Am I missing something for metasploit to see a Windows machine? Interestingly when I review the output from the scan, there is a line that says "All 65535 scanned ports on {IP ADDRESS} are filtered...maybe I should go back to using Windows XP...